Lake Balaton’s prospects (Balatoni kilátások)

Short documentary, 2022

Directing, editing

In recent decades, the composition of the population around Lake Balaton has changed again. After the change of regime, investors recognized the profit-generating opportunities inherent in Balaton and began to use them without restraint, without thinking about the harmful consequences of the transformations on the environment. According to experts, the irresponsible attitude and further destruction of the ecosystem could lead to the drying up of the lake by 2050.

The film presents myth and reality through the personal stories of people connected to the present and past of Lake Balaton and its surroundings. It confronts the viewer with the dark side of changes, which we sometimes tend to ignore or evaluate as progress. The aim of the work is to compare past experiences with present impressions and future hopes.

The creators: Ernst Calla Bettina, Tamara Peszeki, Gerle Szabó. They were assisted by a documentary film director, Máté Kőrösi, and their colleagues were Dániel Kiszler and Ágoston Bényi.

The Project was created with the support of Bolygó.

The premiere of the documentary was shown at MANYI - Cultural Center.

Premiere of the documentary at MANYI - Cultural Center

Budapest, 2022